Friday Work and Love Connections

English I Honors students looked at a few passages in Romeo and Juliet to determine various characters’ views of love. Working in groups, students examined Capulet’s, Benvolio’s, and Romeo’s views on love in the first act.

English 8 students began with their 100% club pictures.

Fifth period
Sixth period

Afterward, we did our typical first-semester Friday work (lesson plan at right) on inferences and article of the week, with the added bonus of a bit of gamified stems practice

  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: read 1.3.
Donaldson Center

All students went to the Donaldson Center today, which threw English I Honors off a bit: third period didn’t meet at all, so fourth period did some critical thinking exercises instead of getting ahead.

Students learn how to roll fire hoses

English 8 students, having done such fantastic work this week, will have a surprise tomorrow, so we did our Friday work today.