Headings and the End of Scene 1

English I Honors students worked on the final portions of the first scene of Romeo and Juliet. We began with a short quiz, of sorts, followed by a quick overview of select passages:



English 8 students continued working on outlining. We’ll be applying our new skills tomorrow to the social studies book.


  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: complete the study guide for scene one.

English I Honors did not have class today (by and large) as we returned from the Donaldson Center visit with only a few minutes left for fourth period.

Englihs 8 students worked on outlining, this time applying some of the knowledge we picked up yesterday. Tomorrow, we go still deeper.

  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: 
Outlining and 1.1

English I students went over the first scene of Romeo and Juliet, adding a few more lines and settling into the story slowly. We’ll be spending a few days on this first scene to make sure everyone sees how things are going.

English 8 students began the new unit, looking at outlining in anticipation of their coming book work.



  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: 

The most talented young musician currently working today is a young man from Oklahoma named John Fullbright. He writes music that’s mature and self-assured, and his lyrics sound like he has at least 40 more years’ experience than he actually has.

This is my favorite song by him. The album version (with a full band) is a little better, but this is a good version.

This one comes in a close second:

Or maybe this one is the close second:

Hard to decide — the fellow hasn’t created a bad song I’ve ever heard.

English I Honors students — all fifteen of them spread among two classes — worked on logic puzzles as the vast majority of the students were in the library taking the PSAT during class.

English 8 students began a brief day-and-a-half extra credit assignment to bring the quarter to a close.

English I Honors students finished their sonnet projects. English 8 students finished the quarter test with the final part of the test on stems.

English I Honors students worked on their sonnet projects. They’ll have one more day tomorrow to finish it up.

English 8 students finished up work on test materials and prepared for tomorrow’s final part of the quarter test, this time on stems.

Projects and Test Completion

English I Honors students worked on their sonnet projects.

English 8 students completed their test from yesterday.

  • English 8 Studies: complete the article of the week for Monday.
  • English I Honors: complete the article of the week for Monday.
Test and Project

English I Honors students continued working on their sonnet project. We’ll be finishing up next week.


English 8 students had the first part of their test on Nightjohn.

  • English 8 Studies: 
    • study for test on effective readers’ skills tomorrow;
    • complete one-pager for tomorrow.
  • English I Honors: complete the one-pager for tomorrow.
Review and Project

English I Honors began working on a quick project of analyzing sonnets. English 8 students began reviewing for the tests coming up during the next few days.

  • English 8 Studies: prepare for test tomorrow.
  • English I Honors: 
    • work on the article sentence of the week;
    • read your group’s sonnet;
    • print out your sonnet for work tomorrow.
Makeup and Logic Test

English I students had a quick quiz and then worked on logic puzzles. English 8 students were so few in number that we just had a make-up day.