May 2, 2017

Final Lit Circles and Skimming

English 8 students worked on The Diary of Anne Frank, evolving our reading into a lit circle format, which will take us through the end of the year.

English I Honors students heard positively sacrilegious words from Mr. Scott today — sacrilegious for an English teacher that is. “You don’t have to read every word on every page to say you’ve read a book.” In other words, we went over how to skim effectively, a skill students need more and more the further along they progress in their education.

We’ll be using this new skill for the remainder of the novel.


  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: 
    • complete the analysis for the next sentence (We were waiting, I supposed, for Mr. Pocket to come out to us; at any rate we waited there, and so I had an opportunity of observing the remarkable family phenomenon that whenever any of the children strayed near Mrs. Pocket in their play, they always tripped themselves up and tumbled over her—always very much to her momentary astonishment, and their own more enduring lamentation.)
    • read chapters 21-30 by Monday.