T-charts are a good way to come up with several topics that are inter-related. Steve Peha desribes T-charts thusly: “The idea is to make two lists at the same time based on opposites.” Peha offer the following examples to get writers started.

  • Like-Hate.
    Things you like and things you hate.
  • Typical-Unusual.
    Typical experiences that happen almost every day and unusual experiences that have happened only once or twice in your entire life.
  • Fun-Have To.
    Things you do for fun and things you do because you have to.
  • Regret-Proud Of.
    Things you regret and things you are proud of.

A partially completed T-chart would look like this:

Proud of Regret
  • being a teacher
  • my daughter
  • the decision to go abroad
  • stopping piano lessons

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