Finding Topics

There are numerous methods to choosing a compositional topic.

Expert Inventory

Everyone is an expert in something. (To be completed)


(To be completed)

What Really Burns Me Up

We have plenty of things that burn us up. Making a list of them is a simple way to produce plenty of topics for writing-on-demand situations.

Write Smaller

“Write Smaller” is a way to take an initially large, broad topic and narrow it down significantly. We use it in our memoir assignment.

It might look like this:

Person –> Character attribute –> Examples how that character attribute is shown –> Specific incident you remember well.

A specific example would look like this:

Uncle Bob –> Funny –> Likes to play pratical jokes –> The time he put buttermilk in the milk carton and I put it on my cereal.

The form we use is available in Publisher file format as well as a PNG image file.

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