Easy Songs

Frank Sinatra “We’ll Be Together Again”

Norah Jones “Nightingale”

Sting “The Secret Marriage”

Nanci Griffith “Anything You Need But Me”

Drive-by Truckers “Lookout Mountain”

Fugazi “Long Distance Runner”

Smashing Pumpkins “Farewell and Goodnight”

The Cure “Perfect Girl”

Jimmy Reed “Shame Shame Shame”

Shawn Colvin “Suicide Alley”

Smithereens “A Girl Like You”

Ella Fitzgerald “Let’s Fall in Love”

Sondre Lechre “Private Caller”

Beatles “Something”

Stevie Ray Vaughn “Empty Arms”

Norah Jones “I’ve Got To See You Again”

Buddy Guy “What Kind Of Woman Is This?”

Indigo Girls “Ghost”

Elliot Smith “Everything Reminds Me of Her”

Smithereens “Baby Be Good”

Depeceh Mode “Fragile Tension”

The Police “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”

Elliot Smith “Everything Means Nothing to Me”

“I Am a Man of Constant Sorry”

Frank Sinatra “Too Marvelous for Words”

Muddy Waters “I Can’t Be Satisfied”

Smithereens “Drown in My Own Tears”

Frank Sinatra “I Could Have Danced All Night”

Nina Simone “I Loves You Porgy”

Buddy Guy Featuring Tracy Chapman “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Norah Jones “Turn Me On”

Madeline Peyroux “A Prayer”

The Police “Can’t Stand Losing You”

Drive-by Truckers “Your Daddy Hates Me”


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