Point of View

We use the following excerpts to look at point of view in Nightjohn.

  1. Waller he brought Nightjohn into the main yard near the quarters out in the open, yelling and swearing at him. Yanking on the rope. Nightjohn he didn’t have any clothes on, stood naked in the sun. […] Standing in the sun with the rope going from his neck up to the saddle, tired and sweating because Waller ran him. Dust all over him. Flies around his shoulders. (26, 7)
    1. Waller’s perspective
    2. Nightjohn’s perspective
  2. Two times a day at the wooden trough – that’s how we eat. Mornings they pour buttermilk down the trough and we dip cornbread in it and sometimes pieces of pork fat. We take turns on a calabash gourd for a dipper to get all the milk out except the little ones don’t always get much of a turn and have to lick the bottom of the trough when its done. (29)
    1. Driver’s perspective
    2. Children’s perspective
  3. Sure is. Says one hundred. Then there’s those three letters on the end. They don’t work for me as a word. Just L B S – don’t say a word. It must mean something to somebody (37)
    1. Illiterate white’s perspective
    2. Waller’s perspective

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