Nightjohn Voice Quotes

We use the following quotes when talking about voice in Nightjohn. We use a graphic organizer like this.

  • “I’m Sarny and they be thinking I’m dumb and maybe up to witchin’ and got a stuck tongue because when I birthed they say I come out wrong, come out all backwards and twixt-and-twinst.”
  • “…they be thinking because I don’t make noise and go to twattering all the time that I be dumb.”
  • “I’m Sarny and the other part of my name be the same as old Waller who wants to be master but is nothing. Nothing. I don’t back part of my name no more than I count old Waller himself. No more than I count spit.”
  • “Waller puts great store in the sticks and watches them like an old hawk watching the chicken pens.”
  • “It isn’t for certain how old I am except for the sticks…. By the stick I am going into the same year as all the fingers on both hands, fold them down, then hold up the thumbs.”
  • “The house women are fond of leaving the window open and talking all their business right there.”
  • “I thinks of all the things I have learned that day and then I tries to add them to the things I learned the day before that. I’ve been doing that as long as I can remember, since I was almost just walking, and I remember all the parts of my life. If there is time of an evening and I haven’t been worked to the bone I can just lay there in the dark and think on all my time and remember it.”


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  5. I’m glad the resource helped, and your’re right: it’s a good book.

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