Almost everyone was taking or finishing a test today.

English I Honors students finished up the Romeo and Juliet test — the final one of the unit. We also began working on the next unit by reading about Jim Crow laws in the south.

English 8 students took their test on antecedents, subordinate clauses, and vocabulary from the Frederick Douglass unit.


English I Honors students worked again on their Romeo and Juliet projects. We’ll be having our act four/five test tomorrow, and then we’re starting a new unit Thursday.

English 8 students finished up the second of three excerpts from Frederick Douglass’s autobiography. We also went over the new type of test questions we’ll be having on our short test Thursday on vocabulary (on Quizlet), subordinate clause identification, and pronoun/antecedent identification.


  • English 8 Studies: study vocab words on Quizlet for the test on vocabulary (on Quizlet), subordinate clause identification, and pronoun/antecedent identification.
  • English I Honors: prepare for tomorrow’s test, including vocab on Quizlet.

English I students had their two-part test on act three from Romeo and Juliet today. It will be on the third-quarter reporting period.

English 8 students finished up the work on objective summaries, a skill we will apply several times throughout the rest of the year.

Standards for Today

English 8

  • RI-6.1 Provide an objective summary of a text with two or more central ideas; cite key supporting details to analyze their development.
Penultimate Prep Day and a Test

English I Honors had their act 2 test. We’ll begin act 3 after our field trip tomorrow.

English 8 began with their article of the week. We went over some annotations they should have completed at this point.

Afterward, they had their penultimate (next-to-last) preparation session with The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. They’ll be presenting Monday.


December Friday

English I Honors students had their act 1 test on Romeo and Juliet.

English 8 students did their Friday inference work.

And here are this week’s Dojo 100% Clubs

Tone Review and a Test

English 8 students worked tone a bit more after going over another term from our article of the week.

English I Honors students worked on their poetry unit test. We were not quite able to finish it, so we’ll have a few more minutes tomorrow to work on it.

All classes took a test today. Homework only in that case.


  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: review the two poems “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” and “One Art” to determine three rules for villanelles.

school day left

I was out today for my daughter’s award ceremony, but English 8 students had the opportunity to finish the test they began on Tuesday.

One day to go!

school days left

English I Honors students wrote their letters to next year’s students today. English 8 students took the final test on The Diary of Anne Frank.

Both English I Honors and English 8 students have completed units today — more or less.


  • English 8 Studies: prepare for the stems test tomorrow.
  • English I Honors: prepare for the act four/act five test tomorrow.

English 8 students did their usual Friday inference and article of the week work. Any student that didn’t complete inference practice four need to do so this week or over the weekend.

English I Honors students worked on their project by assessing students’ articles in the workshop on Moodle. We also debriefed our new and apparently popular form of test which uses confidence-based marking.


  • English 8 Studies: complete inference practice four as needed.
  • English I Honors: 
    • assess “Decoration Day” paragraphs on Moodle;
    • read 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 from Romeo and Juliet.

In English I, students finished up act three, looking at subtext in scenes two, three, four, and five. We also finished up the study guide in anticipation of tomorrow’s test on act three.

In English 8, students had a final day of preparation for their effective habits pretensions tomorrow.


  • English 8 Studies: 
    • work on presentation for tomorrow as necessary;
    • work on the article of the week as necessary.
  • English I Honors: 
    • prepare for tomorrow’s test on act three;
    • turn in the “Decoration Day” paragraphs by tomorrow (will be switching to assessment);
    • work on the article of the week as necessary.

English I Honors students finished act 1 from Romeo and Juliet with a test. We’ll begin act 2 Monday.

English 8 students worked on their normal Friday inference work.

Test and Project

English I Honors students continued working on their sonnet project. We’ll be finishing up next week.


English 8 students had the first part of their test on Nightjohn.


  • English 8 Studies: 
    • study for test on effective readers’ skills tomorrow;
    • complete one-pager for tomorrow.
  • English I Honors: complete the one-pager for tomorrow.