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Planning and Meter

First, second, and sixth periods spent time planning their persuasion projects. Fourth period went over meter: “iambic pentameter” finally makes sense to them now, as does “dactylic tetrameter” and any number of combinations. We also decided — rather, I decided…Continue Reading →

Defining and Planning

Image via Wikipedia First and fourth period were both engaged in inductive reasoning to come up definitions. First period has been defining propaganda. After looking at specific examples of Nazi propaganda yesterday, we came up with a class list of…Continue Reading →

Ballads, Propaganda, and Persuasion

First period examined propaganda, specifically looking at pre-war Nazi propaganda. We looked at cartoons from Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic magazine, Der Stürmer. We also saw examples of propaganda in postage stamps and propaganda for the kids. We’ll finish up tomorrow by…Continue Reading →

Persuasive Blues and Sonnets

First, second, and sixth periods took a Friday off from heavy lifting (to varying degrees: one period had some problems getting themselves together): we looked at a blues song that actually employs a couple of persuasive techniques. We then helped…Continue Reading →

Bias, Persuasion, and the Sonnet

First period reviewed the notes from reading yesterday. Yesterday’s lesson was a two-fold lesson: first, they got information about bias; second, they worked on note-taking skills. Yet the second objective can foil the first, so we made sure everyone knew…Continue Reading →

Persuasion and Poetry

First period finished up notes on bias. We’ll do some work with it in class tomorrow, finishing up the week with propaganda. Second and sixth periods were introduced to the Moodle site I run ( They worked on identifying persuasive…Continue Reading →

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