The Cranberries were a pretty big deal when I was in college. Their lead singer died unexpectedly at age 46 today, just one year older than I am.

Mortality knocks at your door.

“Linger” was their big hit my junior year in college.

A classic from the prog-rock band Yes: “I’ve Seen All Good People.”

The music is fantastic, but it would be nothing without those costumes!

When have you heard a song as perfect as this?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how blues is supposed to sound.

Jack White and the White Stripes made a passable version of this, but it’s nothing like the purity of the original.

If I had to choose a favorite blues artist (how could you ever do that?), I’d probably have to go with Lightning Hopkins, for songs like this.

If you’ve never listened to Lead Belly, you’ve really missed out. This one is one of his best and one of my all-time favorite songs.