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A Perfect Record

Sometimes it’s hard to bat close to a thousand. I’ve updated this site daily for so long that it’s a habit which follows me home. I arrive home and think, “Oh my, I forgot to update.” And while the temptation…Continue Reading →

First Drafts, Front and Back

First period looked at their first drafts and began narrowing down their topics. (Often students have multiple topics in one first draft.) We’ll be writing a second draft in class tomorrow, as well as doing additional revision. Second and sixth…Continue Reading →

Final Draft and Intro to Style

First and seventh periods had a final day of work on the memoir final draft. It is due tomorrow, along with several other documents: First draft Peer editing form Second draft Final draft Rubric Fourth period worked on the nonfiction…Continue Reading →

Final Group Work

We completed the final day of group work for the memoir today. We’ll be spending two more days polishing it up, and then turn it in Monday. English I began verbs today. We’ll finish up tomorrow, testing willing. The testing…Continue Reading →

Memoir, Second Draft

This is my second draft for my memoir. It was in the days of smoke-filled teachers’ lounges, and he hurried to class reeking of cigarette smoke. Rick Watson was a short, wiry, balding, mustachioed English teacher who moved and talked…Continue Reading →

Memoir, First Draft

This is my first draft for my memoir. It represents an attempt to write without self-editing, a habit that I try to discourage in students but indulge in myself. As such, it is not something I would normally publish. However,I…Continue Reading →

Composition All Around

All classes are now working on composition in one form or another. First, second, and seventh periods are working on peer revision for their first draft of their memoir. We will be finishing that up tomorrow and completing the second…Continue Reading →

Outlining and Preparing

First, second, and seventh periods all began their outlines for their memoirs. Fourth period continued preparing Antigone. We also had a quick review for tomorrow’s test on nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. Homework First, second, and seventh periods: complete outline. Fourth…Continue Reading →

The Lead; Presentations; Diction

First period worked on leads. We looked at six examples: The Dramatic Lead: I wouldn’t make it through the night without it. Starting In the Middle Of a Scene: I was sure we’d find the blanket ripped and dirty. Leisurely…Continue Reading →

Linguistic Change and Drafting

First period worked on revising their initial memoir drafts. We looked for content holes and/or loaded content–places where the writer didn’t give as much detail as he/she could. Second period discussed the use of a socially offensive word in To…Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunts, Reliability, and Memoirs

First period worked on a simple question: how is writing an essay (especially a memoir) like a treasure hunt? We used a graphic organizer to work out our thoughts, working in pairs and then as a class. We then addressed…Continue Reading →

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