field trip

Eighth-grade students went to the Roper Mountain  Science Center for a presentation on waves and stars. Most classes did not meet. Homework from yesterday stands.

Donaldson Center

All students went to the Donaldson Center today, which threw English I Honors off a bit: third period didn’t meet at all, so fourth period did some critical thinking exercises instead of getting ahead.

Students learn how to roll fire hoses

English 8 students, having done such fantastic work this week, will have a surprise tomorrow, so we did our Friday work today.

Only sixth and seventh periods met today due to the Peace Center field trip. Both classes worked on their Romeo and Juliet projects. We’ll be spending the week on this project in one form or another.


  • English 8 Strategies: none.
  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: work on the Romeo and Juliet project.