extra credit

Annotation and Extra Credit

English I students finished up yesterday’s work by looking at how to interpret and answer extended essay prompts.

Actually writing this composition will be the extra credit assignment for the third quarter. Students are receiving this now in order to have a jump-start on the quarter.

English 8 students worked on their articles of the week for a while,

before spending some time reviewing subordinate clauses.

They ended spending more time to work on their second part of the Frederick Douglass text.


  • English 8 Studies: none.
  • English I Honors: 
    • work on soundtrack essay;
    • work on extra credit as desired.

school days left

English I students had a chance to work on the extra credit opportunities available to them, all of which are due on Tuesday.

English 8 students finished The Diary of Anne Frank. We’ll have a test on Tuesday on the work as a whole.


  • English 8 Studies: prepare for the test on Tuesday.
  • English I Honors: work on extra credit.

school days left

English I Honors students had the phrase test today and also learned a bit about the option for extra credit now available.

English 8 students continued their final work on The Diary of Anne Frank and also learned a bit about the option for extra credit now available.

school days left

English I Honors finished Monster today and went over the extra credit, finding out whether or not Steve Harmon is guilty. English 8 students are almost done.

school days left

English I students finished Monster in class today. They have a day to complete an extra credit assignment: Did Steve Harmon actually participate in the robbery? This is available on Google Classroom (not on Moodle), and there students can also find a PDF version of Monster for reference only. (Students will need to rotate the view of the PDF.) In addition, students have the option of bringing in an outline for the final assignment, letters to next year’s students.

English 8 students continued with Monster. They should be done by the end of the week.

school days left

English 8 students, having the Chromebooks back after not having them yesterday for the EOC, returned to the final project of the year for The Glory Field. Students who completed the work and turned it in today will return to reading Monster. Students who did not complete the work will work in a different environment to complete the work tomorrow.

English I Honors students continued reading Monster. They will have an extra-credit opportunity connected to the book.