Proof that Aliens Exist!

I have snapped many pictures of aliens in my time. Here are two of my best — clearly aliens exist!

Note: this page is an example for a lesson on evaluating web resources.


  1. These photos are from video games that I played, FOOL!

  2. Dear SJ,

    Thank you for providing me with another opportunity to expand my online teaching role and quite possibly change your future. That’s right—what I’m about to say could very well have a significant impact on your future, not to mention your present. So I’m excited and grateful for that opportunity.

    To begin with, I’d like to point out that you perhaps didn’t read the entire page before leaving your comment. If you did, you’d notice at the bottom the following: “Note: this page is an example for a lesson on evaluating web resources.” I use it to show students how to evaluate a web page. The pictures are indeed from a video game: that’s the point. It’s so painfully obvious as to be, well, painful to think it was anything else.

    This leads me to my second point: when commenting on a page, make sure you’ve read it all and put a fair amount of critical thinking into it. When you saw this page, perhaps you noticed at the top that it says “English with Mr. Scott.” Perhaps you looked around the rest of the site to see what kind of site it was. Maybe you tried to figure out who I, Mr. Scott, am. Ironically, those steps are the very steps I use this page for to teach students to evaluate online resources. So when your teacher presents this material, make sure you pay attention.

    Finally, there’s the question of manners. It’s usually not wise to call people fools in general, but its especially not wise when they’re complete strangers. What usually happens, as in this case, is that you yourself end up looking foolish. You exhibited your foolishness in a number of ways.

    • You called me a fool for what you took to be serious pictures of aliens when in fact it was an exercise in evaluating web sites.
    • Your snap judgment indicates a lack of the very cognitive skills the page is used to teach.
    • You’ve indicated that calling someone a fool should somehow upset them thus exposing your own thin skin and likely childishness.
    • You didn’t even read the whole page which includes a disclaimer to prevent people from outside my classes from assuming what you assumed, that it’s a serious claim about extraterrestrial life.
    • You made an insulting comment on a site that includes a comment disclaimer warning that insulting visitors would be called out, their foolishness exposed to the world.

    So just remember, SJ, that just as in the real world, so in the cyber world: whenever you you point your finger at someone, three more are pointing back at you.

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