Is Television Harmful or Helpful?

Use this page as a reference for the project. The resources you will need are:

Anti-Television Articles
Pro-Television Articles
The Process
  1. Read about “TV Turnoff Week.”
  2. Look at the resources:
    • Each student chooses two articles.
    • Each student must chose one anti-TV article and one pro-TV article.
  3. Fill in the graphic organizer as you read.
  4. Decide which position you will take.
  5. Outline the three major arguments you will be using. Make sure that you use at least two different persuasive strategies.
  6. Do any additional research (if you find you need more or different persuasive strategies).
  7. Write your first draft.
  8. Revise
  9. Turn in final draft.

Understand that steps seven, eight, and nine will take place over several days.


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