Extended Response Rubric

When using online forums (Moodle or others), students need to keep in mind the holistic rubric below, which will be used to grade most forum discussions:

  • 5 (A):
    • The response fully answers the question.
    • The response provides evidence from the text.
    • It is at least 100 words long.
    • It contains no significant grammatical errors.
  • 3 (C):
    • The response answers the question.
    • However, the response doesn’t provide evidence from the text.
    • It is 70 to 100 words long.
    • It contains a few significant grammatical errors.
  • 1 (F):
    • The response doesn’t really answer the question.
    • The text doesn’t mention the text it all.
    • It is shorter than 70 words.
    • It contains many significant grammatical errors.

Your grade will come from the combination of the four elements mentioned above. A grade of “B” or “D” will indicate that some of the elements were at the level above (“A” or “C”) while other elements were at the level below (“C” or “F”). In other words, if your response fully answers the question and provides evidence from the text (from the “A” level) but has several grammatical errors and is too short (from the “C” and “F” strand respectively), you would get a B.

Notes Regarding Grammatical Errors

There are a few things that will immediately knock your grade down a whole letter, things that you, as an eighth grader, should know to do (or not to do).

  1. Capitalization: The following things must be capitalized:
    1. Proper nouns
    2. Names of people
    3. The pronoun “I”
    4. The first word in a sentence (I can’t believe I have to point that out, but I do.)
  2. Punctuation:
    1. Put a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence.
    2. Put a space after a period always (unless it’s working as a decimal in a number, of course).