Presentation Basics

In order to be effective presenters, students need to keep a few items in mind.

  1. Be prepared: Know what you’re going to say and why. Be familiar with your material.
  2. Speak loudly and clearly: You’ll lose audience interest immediately if you’re inaudible.
  3. Know where you are in the presentation and keep the audience aware of this as well. Audience members have an easier time of paying attention if they know how far they’ve come and how much farther they’ll be going, so to speak.
  4. Use an expressive voice: Monotone thrills no one. Period.
  5. Engage the audience: Don’t be a “fount of wisdom” pontificating about the universe. Get the audience involved: ask questions; solicit opinions; allow discussion.
  6. Memorize: The key phrases that you want your audience to remember should be something you yourself remember.


  1. Excellent advices, thanks for your help. It really worked, Hannia

  2. Glad the resources helped.

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