Romeo + Juliet Viewing Guide

A PDF version of this is available here.

Changes Made in the Text

  1. The screenplay writer made several changes in the dialogue. Look for examples of when he has one character say another character’s lines.
  2. Several times a character says his or her proper lines, but the position in the play has been changed. Find two examples.
  3. Several key lines have been removed—noticeable lines. Find at least one example of a line removed to make the film more socially acceptable in the modern world.
  4. There are several lines that don’t even appear in the play. Find two examples.


  1. There are several characters in this version that don’t appear in the original play. Find two. Why do they appear here?
  2. Occasionally, a character is present in a scene where he/she isn’t originally in the play. Find one example.


  1. Vocabulary Issues: Because of references to swords and other things, a modern setting can sometimes be problematic. Look for ways in which the film cleverly deals with these potential conflicts.
  2. This film is absolutely filled with quick references, both visual and oral, to other plays of Shakespeare. Find two.
  3. Keep an eye out for unexpected stagings (physical actions, setting, etc.). Find at least three that surprise you in some way, and among those three, make sure at least one is a pleasant surprise and at least one is a disappointing surprise.

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