Portfolio Project

Students will be creating a number of short, written artifacts to incorporate the themes of the piece into their own personal understanding.

Required Elements
  • One letter (choose)
    • One informal to an individual in play
    • One formal letter: why your community should have a performance of Diary of Anne Frank)
  • Diary entries (3) from the point of view of another character
  • Research-based writing (choose one) with Works Cited page
    • Biography of one character
    • Article on one genocide (Bosnia, Rwanda, or Darfur)
  • Writing (5) on themes and motifs in Anne Frank (not limited to themes below)
    • fear
    • problems with parents
    • problems with adults
    • first love
    • discrimination
    • hate
    • first kiss
    • the goodness/evil of the human heart
    • materialism
    • the importance of family

Please let me know how I can help you.