Diary Topics 2012

  1. Monday 29 October 2012: What are the qualities of Nightjohn that you admire? Is he a hero?
  2. Tuesday 30 October 2012: We’re all unique in some way, and we all belong to a group that is itself unique in some way. Find the one thing that connects you to one group of people yet makes you different from many other people. It can race, religion, political views, where your family comes from—anything.
  3. Wednesday 31 October 2012: Why do you think Anne kept a diary? What do you think she hoped to do with it?
  4. Thursday 1 November 2012: What would be the most difficult thing about living with a lot of people in a cramped space like Anne and the others hiding with her family are doing?
  5. Friday 2 November 2012: What are some of the things Anne missed out on while in hiding? List five things. Try to think of one thing no one else has thought of.
  6. Monday 5 November 2012: None. (We were in the computer lab for the whole period.)
  7. Tuesday 6 November 2012: None. (No school — election day.)
  8. Wednesday 7 November 2012: What did you think about the hiding place you explored Monday? How did it change your view of Anne Frank’s time in hiding?
  9. Thursday 8 November 2012: Review act 1 scene 1 with the vocabulary sheet in hand. Find two of the vocabulary words that appear in this scene. Write a sentence for each.
  10. Friday 9 November 2012: Review act one scene two (your homework). Find three of our vocabulary words. Write a sentence with each in your diary.
  11. Monday 12 November 2012: What do you think it would be like to live in such conditions as Anne and the others in the Annex? Describe a scene you can imagine happening within your own family.
  12. Tuesday 13 November 2012:
    • Starter
      • First period: How do you feel about the acting project (which we will begin today)? What is your biggest concern?
      • Fifth period: In your diary, plan the topic sentence and two concrete details for a paragraph about Mr. Van Daan or Mrs. Van Daan. Use the graphic organizer we used yesterday to gather ideas.
    • In-class (both periods): What is the biggest problem in the Annex right now? How do you think Anne feels?
  13. Monday 26 November 2012: We’ve just finished celebrating Thanksgiving. How might a Thanksgiving celebration in Anne’s Secret Annex be different from what we just experienced? List one similarity and three differences.
  14. Tuesday 27 November 2012: Imagine you’ve just learned that your best friend has been shipped off to his/her certain death just as Anne has learned about her best friend, Jopie. Write a brief conversation you might have with another friend about it.
  15. Wednesday 28 November 2012: Make three predictions about the relationship between Anne and Mr. Dussel as they share a room.
  16. Thursday 29 November 2012:
    First period: What are three characteristics of Anne’s personality? How do you know them?
    Fifth period: If, at this point in the play, you could ask any character any question, whom would you ask, and what would be the question? What do you think the answer would be?

Please let me know how I can help you.