Written around 442 B.C.E., Antigone is one of Sophocles’ remaining seven plays. It deals with the questions of civil disobedience and duty.

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Within the play, there are references Greek history and geography as well as allusions to the Greek religion and literature. The following are terms students look up in the process of reading Antigone. (They are listed here in the approximate order they appear in the book.)

  1. Zeus
  2. Thebes
  3. Argive
  4. Argos
  5. Dirce (fount of Dirce)
  6. Laius
  7. Menoeceus
  8. Hades
  9. Phrygian
  10. Tantalus
  11. Sipylian heights
  12. Labdacus
  13. Persephone
  14. Dryas (son of Dyras)
  15. Edonians
  16. Dionysus
  17. Muse
  18. Bosporus
  19. Thracian Salmydessus
  20. Ares
  21. Erechtheidae
  22. Italia
  23. Eleusinian Deo
  24. Bacchus
  25. Nysa (Nysa’s hills)
  26. Parnassian (Parnassian height)
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